IADR Basil Bibby Young Investigator Award

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The Cariology Group of IADR has established the above Award for the purpose of promoting the interest of young scientists and students in dental caries research and related matters, and to acknowledge excellence of the research conducted by young investigators. The Award is in honor of the founding President of the Cariology Group, Dr. Basil G. Bibby.


Individuals who will not have reached their 40th birthday at the time of the meeting at which the Award is presented (March 22, 2017) should be eligible to apply for the Award. Applicants are required to be members of the Cariology Research Group, by the time of application and receipt of the prize.


That the Award should be given on the basis of general excellence in research related to cariology and/or dental erosion as demonstrated by reports written, presented or published.


Candidates may apply directly or be nominated by a member of the Cariology Group. Supporting documents should include

  1. Cirriculum Vitae (max 3 pages)
  2. Summary of specific scientific contributions (max 2 pages)
  3. List of the reports or publications
  4. Supporting statement from a colleague or member of the Cariology Group

All documents above should be grouped into one PDF file.


The President will convene a judging panel comprising the current Executive Committee of the Cariology Research Group. This panel will evaluate applications and make a decision whether or not an Award should be made. The Award will be given only if a suitable candidate applies or is nominated. In case of a tie in votes between two or more candidates the President will convene a second judging panel comprising former members of the Executive Committee of the Cariology Research Group and continue to do so until one candidate has the majority of votes. 

The Award will take the form of a plaque and a cash prize of US$2,500, provided to cover registration, travel and housing expenses for the winner to attend the General Session & Exhibition of the IADR.

Awardee Responsibilities:

To attend (1) the general IADR meeting in the year in which the Award is made and, (2) the Cariology Research Group annual business meeting where the awardee will be announced and receive the plaque. The Awardee will be encouraged to participate in the Group's activities (e.g. serve as abstract reviewer) and become a member of the Executive Committee.

Nomination Deadline:

The deadline for receipt of applications coincides with the IADR abstract submission deadline of October 13, 2016 for the IADR General Session & Exhibition which will be held in San Francisco, Calif., USA, March 22-25, 2017.

Applications should be sent to:
Alexandre Vieira
Email: arv11@pitt.edu

Previous Winners:
2016 Juliano Pessan
2015 Annette Wiegand
2014 Livia Tenuta
2013 Ana Carolina Magalhaes
2012 Nathan Cochrane
2011 Sebastian Paris
2010 Hendrik Meyer-Lueckel
2009 Anderson T. Hara
2008 Marilia AR Buzalaf
2007 Michel (Hyun) Koo
2006 Iain Pretty
2005 Andrea Ferreira-Zandoná
2004 Johan Aps
2003 Egija Zaura
2002 Layla Abu-Naba’a
2001 Xie-Qi Shi
2000 Susan Al-Khateeb
1999 Margherita Fontana
1998 Manuel Bravo
1997 Anne Vacca Smith


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